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Featured: This is for exceptional pieces. If you do submit, please do not submit a large number of pieces. I like to feature a variety of artists.

Original Art: For your own original art. No fan art, trades, comics, or memes.

Fan Art: For fan art of stories with a Biblical worldview. This includes fan art and gift art given to other DA members.

Comics: For comics and graphic novels.

Writing: For written work. I try to read everything, or at the very least, skim through it. If you submit something long, it may take a few days for me to accept it.

Other: Tutorials, memes, cosplay, sketches, concept art, character sheets DA related stuff, clay figures, stamps, videos, etc. Basically, if you're unsure of where it goes, dump it here.

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Do you believe the Bible? Do you like science fiction and/or fantasy? If you answered "yes" this is the group for you.

The art doesn't necessarily have to have a cross or Bible verse in it. It should be something coming from a Biblical perspective. If God exists in your world and it's a fantasy/sci-fi setting, that is enough for your art to be accepted. Anthropomorphic/furry and talking animals will be accepted. Alternate history also fits the speculative genre, so feel free to submit that too.

Group rules:

The art must have some link to sci-fi/fantasy to be accepted.
For example, a picture of a human character from a fantasy story will be accepted, but a random picture of people in a church with no fantasy/sci-fi background won't be accepted. (I can make a slight exception for tutorials.)

No art that contradicts the Bible.
No swearing. If there is swearing in the art or description, your art will not be accepted. I would appreciate it if you also attempted to keep the comment section clean.
Violence must stay at a PG level. A little blood is okay, a pile of guts isn't.
No sex or immodesty.
Any positively portrayed romantic relationship should follow Biblical guidelines. (No fortification, no homosexuality, no underage romance.)
No positively portrayed witchcraft. (I understand there are some allegorical books that involve magic or pseudomagic, so this will be on a case-by-case basis.)
Fan art should have a Biblical base. For example, Narnia, Dragons in Our Midst, and the Failstate series will be accepted. The Golden Compass, Harry Potter, Zootopia, and Dragonriders of Pern will not be accepted. Note: I have allowed memes of secular stories in, but only if they have Bible verses that help expose something Biblical about the story.

With multiple part submissions, such as comics and literature, please only submit the first page and the most recent page. We don't want 50+ pages or parts submitted at once. (After you submit the most recent page, you can submit the next page when you get it written.)

Gray areas, such as if it counts a fantasy/sci-fi or spiritual/symbolism art will also be on a case by case basis. Things like dinosaurs with humans, which wouldn't quite count in the fantasy genre or sea monsters, will likely be accepted if they're pleasing to the eye.

We accept all Bible-believing denominations, be it Catholic, Mormon/LDS, Jehovah Witness, Messianic Judaism, Seventh-day Adventists, or any other Christian denomination.
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May 16, 2015


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121 Members
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The contest is now over. Here are our entries. Make sure to read the descriptions and the story before casting your vote for the winner.
Pease vote by noting the group, or me :iconrebel-rider:
Those who entered are allowed to vote for anyone but themselves.

Winners will be announced on September 10th

Greater Love by Subtle-War :iconsubtle-war:

No Greater Love by EagleFlyte :iconeagleflyte:

Greater Love (Bible Amid Worlds Contest Entry)Late Summer, 1949
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John 15:13
It had been four months since La'atira had met the boy scouts.  They had all been so kind in taking her in and helping her learn their language.  Once all the children got over the fact that she was twice the height of an adult human, they all warmed up to her quickly.  It took some convincing, but the scoutmaster even allowed her to take some of the older boys for a flight on her back.
Being stranded in this strange world was not nearly as bad as she expected it to be, and she had the scouts to thank.
It was late afternoon when she returned from one of her hunts.  The boys could not always keep her fed, so she was more than willing to provide her own food.  The Luniae never brought any of them with her when she hunted.  Her methods of taking out her prey would easily frighten the bravest of the children, and she did not want them to see

Paradoxical Love by SonjaTaylor :iconsonjataylor:

Strangers by WingedWarTigers :iconwingedwartigers:

No greater love by Tigryph :icontigryph:

Here I Stand by Nyarnamaitar-Aris :iconnyarnamaitar-aris:

Amongst My Enemies (updated text) by AlexVanArsdale :iconalexvanarsdale:

To give all to save my people! by dragonslayer171 :icondragonslayer171:

No Love by WhIppIng-b0y :iconwhipping-b0y:

We also have an entry that doesn't qualify since it is a fanfic, but feel free to read it.

A Good FeelingA Good Feeling
Lady Septime led her Clone troops through the narrow pass, as ordered by Commander Wolfe.  Though her youth was forged in Peaceful pursuits under then Master Jedi Dooku, she had grown and matured in the shadow of war.  But she rejected Dooku's dark fall, siding with the desperate Republic for which she stood.
The soldiers marched in a slow, casual patrol.  Jakku was a quiet planet in a sector not heavily involved in the war, but it was strategic, nonetheless.
Septime sighed from the long patrol.  Most of the perimeter was desert wasteland, with scavengers picking at military graveyards stocked with old equipment, abandoned ships and vehicles, all sorts of junk and relics.
Jakku was simply strategic for some reason, and though Septime considered every assignment and position important, the whipping sand of the mild storm approaching made her wish a little that she was still a warrior maiden for Queen Amidala.  The sand would always get everywhere.
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lordhadrian Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016
My contest entry might not fit all the criteria, but I wanted to try to submit an attempt :):)
Rebel-Rider Featured By Owner 6 days ago   General Artist
Since it's fanfic, it doesn't quite count, but I'll put it in the journal as a mention or something. 
lordhadrian Featured By Owner 6 days ago
No worries.  I wanted to participate in some way :)
NC-Torpedo Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2016
Are things like this accepted?
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Yes. I've been allowing meme type things from secular works if they are combined with Bible verses and such.
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There should be a thing neat the top of the page that says, "submit art." 
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